guide page

Reference page for editing and using the Micky template.

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wizardry responsive design method

Our good friend Timothy Ricks created a responsive technique using EMs that scales like VW but with max-width. Please see his guide here for ultra detail. The Micky template is build using this method.

how to edit navigation links

1. Open the navigation symbol from the navigator

Navigation symbol

2.Expand the "Navbar Side"

Navbar Side

3.Select "Edit Menu Here"

Edit Menu Here

4.In the style panel under "Layout" notice the "Edit Menu Here" is set to Hidden by default.

Set to hidden (can't edit navigation)

5.Change the display to block in order to edit.

Set to block (edit enabled)

6.Notice the navigation open on the canvas

Navigation visible on the canvas
how to add more items to the horizontal scroll sections

better editing experience

Throughout the template, service references in the form of single blocks or lists of blocks are used. By having complete control over the service pages allows for a better editing experience. Now you can link to specific pages in those blocks without fiddling with CMS display settings.

more versatility

Not every service is the same. By having these pages disconnected from the CMS allows more unique changes for each of your unique services.

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